Lady Marian Hawke


Lady Marian Hawke
Human Scholar

Strength 8
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 10

HP: 3


Age: 47
118 lbs

Lady Hawke is a slender, attractive older woman in her late fourties, her hair a soft brown with flecks of grey along the edges that along with her expressive brown eyes make her appear somewhat like an owl. Her clothing is typically that of the late era, fine but functional dresses in a variety of colors. She regularly carries some book or ledger under her arm with a quill tucked behind her ear.

Marian Coutree was one of the first children of the new age, her parents young merchants who had rallied under Nathaniel Hawke during the blackening. In the years of battle the lord Coutree fought beside lord Hawke in battle, becoming his close friend and confidant over the years. The lady Coutree became the quartermaster of sorts within the city, handling organizing and dispersing supplies as they were needed so the soldiers could rest between engagements. As a child Marian assisted her mother with her tasks and was a favored daughter of the new village, loved for her oddball sense of humor and keen mind.

As time passed Marian grew into a young woman of beauty and intelligence. Her knack for books kept the village running on clockwork, her beauty drew the eye of lord Hawke. In time his attention to her blossomed into love between them, and they married to the joy of his friends the Coutree. Together the pair lead the village forward, Hawke ever the charismatic soldier-lord and Marian the intelligent woman behind him, keeping the village in tidy order so he could focus on the large things. In time the pair happily gave birth to a single child, Evelynn Hawke, despite the growing age of Nathaniel.

Today Marian is still the loving wife of Nathaniel and the center of all the mundane goings on in the village. She is the keeper of books, writer of writs, and the grease that keeps the cogwheels of the village turning efficiently.

Lady Marian Hawke

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