Lord Nathaniel Hawke

Lord of Caer'Abhann


Lord Nathaniel Hawke
Level 6 Human Warrior

Strength 11
Dexterity 8
Constitution 6
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 15
Charisma 15

HP: 36


Age 68
Height 6’1"
Weight 171


Lord Nathaniel Hawke is a sturdy man in his late sixties with short grey hair and keen, wisened blue eyes. The lord’s skin is a testament to a life of hard fighting, a map of scars and wrinkles that tells the tale of a long life of survival in the heat of battle. His clothing is that of a soldier, his choice of attire simple and functional, leather breaches and tunic with a loose undershirt that covers his scarred arms, a thick hat and cloak in the winter to keep of the cold of the northern snow. Even in his old age he carries a well loved longsword at his hip, indoors or out of doors, never out of arm’s reach.


Nathaniel Hawke was the son of a merchant who had made his fortune primarilly as a vintner in the village of Caer’Abhann, cultivating vineyards to provide fine wines to those with discerning tastes. As a child he was strong and athletic, if occasionally a bit sickly, and had a natural way with people that just got them on his side with a roguish smile. As he grew he was educated in the ways of trade and commerce, but felt more at home in the rudimentary lessons of swordplay and defense he managed to wheedle his father into ‘for protection on the road’.Nathaniel’s father was away to the city when the darkness fell, and would never return to Caer’Abhann.

When the shadow creatures came they slaughtered much of the workforce at the vintner, but when their young lord came upon them with sword in hand they rallied to his cry and drove back the hideous beasts. Seeing his world in chaos Nathaniel simply acted, gathering his workers together into a fighting force then marching into the city to do what he could. Soon what remained of the population had rallied around his sword arm and charisma, following his direction as they reclaimed their decimated holdings.

Over the years Nathaniel’s aggressive leadership managed to keep the community safe despite the dangers, moving from one seemingly impossible goal to the next in order to ensure the survival of his people. It started with the square, then the market, then the village, then the pallisade and fields, until fifty years of hard labor has produced a safe haven in the darkwoods. Today Nathaniel is too old to be as he was, the weight of many decades of fighting having taken a toll on his body and health, and he leads from his home in the center of the village rather than on the pallisade wall. What he has lost in youthful vitality he has gained in wisdom, and leads the activity of his village as a well beloved lord and commander.

Lord Nathaniel Hawke

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