Sister Clarice Bellington


Sister Clarice Bellington
Level 5 Human Cleric

Strength 12
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 19
Charisma 13

HP: 28


Age: 66
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 134

Despite the age implied by this tall woman’s grayed hair she has weathered it well, her movements strong and with a youthful spring that some even half her apparant age cannot reproduce. She typicall wears a blue and gold robe in the style of the clergy from before the blackening, and wears a silver holy symbol prominently upon her breast.

Clarice was an acolyte priestess at the local temple when the darkness fell, her studies and meditations interrupted by the murderous onslaught of the shadow fiends. Though many of her fellows were killed around her Clarice took up a sturdy mace and donned some rough armor found in the dusty storeroom of the temple and fought back with those that remained. When the hero of Caer’Abhann arrived with his militia band the temple had been secured already for them, though at great cost to the clergy within. Clarice and those priests that remained alive joined the band, healing the wounded and joining their fellows in the fighting.
When the first days had passed the once acolyte of the temple found herself one of the most senior remaining clerics, and their unspoken leader during the trials ahead. When the time for rebuilding came it was natural that the warrior-priestess took the helm of the local temple. Despite this role however Clarice has remained an active member of the Blackhawke band, joining with the heroes of Caer’Abhann to secure the region, supplies, and push out the borders of the village’s safety. Today however the woman has retired from such things, and now serves as the spiritual center of the community with her great wisdom and holy blessings.

Sister Clarice Bellington

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