Teagan Blackstone


Teagan Blackstone
Dwarven Smith, Warrior 3

Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 15
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 11

HP: 28


Age: 109
Height: 4’2"
Weight: 161

Teagan Blackstone is a strong, stout dwarven man with a noticable roundness about the belly, his long brownblack hair and beard pulled into intricate braided knots to keep away from the heat of the forge. He typically is found wearing the same simple tunic one would wear under a smith’s smock, rarely bothering to change into anything more formal outside of special occasion. He always carries a sturdy warhammer at his belt which is lined with dwarven runes.

The Blackstone family has always done the smithing in Caer’Abhann. Thadeus Blackstone, father of Teagan Blackstone, was one of the enterprising founders of the trade village long ago and the roots he set continue to this day. When his father became aged and retired back to the ancestral mountains of his people, Teagan took up the shop in his place, and has been the only smith in the city for seventy years.
When the blackening came Teagan was one of the first to join arms with Nathaniel Hawke to drive back the beasts, wielding the work of his own hand and his family’s ancestral warhammer ‘Hjolden’ to slay many of the foul invaders. Following the reclamation of the city it was Teagan’s mastercraft that armed the militiamen, his expertise in building that guided the people’s construction of sturdy homes and pallisades meant for war, not farming. Today Teagan continues the tradition of Blackstone smithing despite the dark times, crafting each and every weapon, suit of armor, horseshoe, and otherwise with a handful of apprentices under his careful, keen dwarven eyes.

Teagan Blackstone

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